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With no team-mate to challenge him, Daniel Ricciardo emphatically claimed his second career pole position ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton on the streets of Monaco. Both of Ricciardo's pole positions have come at the …

26 May 2018   |  4:02 pm GMT  |  76 comments

Future world champion. How many times have we heard that expression used about talented drivers coming into Formula 1? Hype has always powered F1 as much as gasoline. When a special talent comes into F1, there is …

26 May 2018   |  8:25 am GMT  |  19 comments

They have already won once this season, but in what has been touted as one of their best race victory opportunities of the year, Red Bull are looking strong after finishing one-two in both Monaco …

24 May 2018   |  4:57 pm GMT  |  130 comments

The award-winning writer and producer of the Senna documentary, Manish Pandey, has teamed up with the Motorsport Network to create their first documentary feature about living legends in the industry. Manish, the writer and executive producer …

24 May 2018   |  12:00 pm GMT  |  45 comments
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