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On the stage at the Autosport Awards last December, David Coulthard took a mobile phone and shot a selfie with what he described as 'the future of F1'. In the shot with him were three fresh …

15 Oct 2018   |  12:59 am GMT  |  154 comments

With Lewis Hamilton now all-but-certain to claim his fifth world title and be crowned as the 2018 drivers’ champion, year-long championship rival Sebastian Vettel will be left to rue the mistakes that will almost-definitely allow …

14 Oct 2018   |  12:46 pm GMT  |  171 comments

A new women-only single-seater racing series has been launched with the intention of finding the next top female racing drivers and guiding them on the path to Formula One. It has the backing of ex driver …

10 Oct 2018   |  8:52 pm GMT  |  248 comments

There's a saying among F1 strategists that the faster and more dominant the car, the easier the strategy calls. This is because the margin for error is so large; if you make a mistake the …

09 Oct 2018   |  5:50 pm GMT  |  131 comments
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