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"We hope we that we have kept the best of the diva and got rid of the other qualities." Toto Wolff launched his team's new Mercedes F1 car at Silverstone today, describing his team as being …

22 Feb 2018   |  11:04 am GMT  |  74 comments

It's looking like a very competitive F1 season ahead, certainly as far as the midfield race is concerned, if the latest new car launches are anything to go by. Sauber, which revealed its car on Tuesday …

20 Feb 2018   |  12:20 pm GMT  |  152 comments

Over the years, F1 design guru Adrian Newey has developed a reputation for keeping cars in development until the 11th hour - 11.99th hour at times - before releasing it to the track. The idea is …

19 Feb 2018   |  5:36 pm GMT  |  134 comments

Contrast the way that Williams F1 team boss Claire Williams defended her new driver Sergey Sirotkin against 'pay driver' jibes this week, with the serenity of Charles Leclerc's first public appearance yesterday as an Alfa …

17 Feb 2018   |  8:56 am GMT  |  185 comments
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