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Yes you read that correctly. You may think that over the years you've seen some great marketing campaigns with F1 at the heart and you would be right. It's an exciting, vibrant world full of …

16 Mar 2018   |  10:41 am GMT  |  182 comments

The saga of Ferrari's challenge to F1's owners Liberty Media over the future of the sport took a fresh twist last night. If Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne was expecting to get support from one of …

14 Mar 2018   |  11:36 am GMT  |  211 comments

More details have emerged about the new F1 Live OTT platform, as outlined by F1's head of marketing Ellie Norman, who describes the boldness of the project as 'pretty insane'. Typing the words 'F1's head of …

12 Mar 2018   |  10:49 pm GMT  |  199 comments

This week saw the launch at the Geneva Motorshow of a new initiative aimed at encouraging young women to get involved in motorsport - the Girls on Track karting challenge. The initiative is backed by the …

10 Mar 2018   |  4:20 pm GMT  |  183 comments
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