Battle on the Eastern Front
Sochi 2017
Russian Grand Prix
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Williams and its title sponsor, Martini, are offering one winner and a guest the chance to spend the night sleeping in a Formula 1 garage, surrounded by Williams F1 cars. The two guests will sleep …

27 Apr 2017   |  4:22 pm GMT  |  9 comments
Shark Fin F1

The F1 Strategy Group met Tuesday and agreed a number of welcome measures, including a restriction on T wings and Shark Fins on engine covers and a step towards better transparency by inviting other teams …

25 Apr 2017   |  6:47 pm GMT  |  155 comments

It has emerged in recent weeks that Mercedes could consult Honda on improving its hybrid-engine's reliability and power, although Mercedes has consistently declined to comment on this matter. Since the debacle of the first test in Barcelona, when …

25 Apr 2017   |  6:11 pm GMT  |  87 comments
Russian GP Sochi

This weekend the F1 cars will race at the Sochi Autodrom, a circuit where Mercedes has the unique accolade of being the only team to have led a lap. In the three previous 53-lap editions Lewis …

25 Apr 2017   |  4:01 pm GMT  |  35 comments
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