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29 Jul 2016
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Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg beat his Mercedes Formula 1 teammate Lewis Hamilton to the top spot in the second practice for the German Grand Prix on a curious day, where the track was faster in the morning …

29 Jul 2016   |  2:39 pm GMT  |  30 comments
Charlie Whiting

Following the F1 Strategy Group meeting in Geneva yesterday, the FIA's Charlie Whiting sat down with the media at noon in Germany to give some background information about the decisions reached, including the halo deferral …

29 Jul 2016   |  2:04 pm GMT  |  42 comments
F1 team radio

This site has argued that the rules introduced in the last 12 months restricting radio communications between the teams and drivers were nonsense and today the F1 Strategy Group has abandoned them, with the exception …

28 Jul 2016   |  10:38 pm GMT  |  203 comments
Sebastian Vettel

Formula 1 cars will not feature the halo cockpit protection device in 2017 after the F1 strategy group voted against implementing the structure on cars next season. The strategy group, which is comprised of the FIA, …

28 Jul 2016   |  10:17 pm GMT  |  69 comments
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