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Max Verstappen has increased his commitment to Red Bull Racing, adding another year to his contract to the end of 2020. Although comments from Red Bull team boss Christian Horner recently hinted at a long term …

20 Oct 2017   |  6:11 pm GMT  |  100 comments

Lewis Hamilton spoke of his desire to win the US Formula 1 Grand Prix and clarified his stance on the 'Take a Knee' protests when asked during the Thursday drivers' press conference. The Briton, who was …

19 Oct 2017   |  7:01 pm GMT  |  153 comments

Fernando Alonso and McLaren have announced that he will compete in the 2018 F1 world championship with the McLaren team, which will be powered by Renault engines next season after three tough years with Honda. Alonso …

19 Oct 2017   |  4:35 pm GMT  |  72 comments

With the heat having gone out of the world championship tussle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel - even a win for Vettel with Hamilton retiring leaves Hamilton well in control - there are some …

17 Oct 2017   |  1:03 pm GMT  |  120 comments
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