Russian fightback?
Sochi 2016
Russian Grand Prix
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For those who believe in fate, there could have been no more appropriate outcome for a Grand Prix that was honouring Jules Bianchi than for it to provide plenty of great racing action and a …

26 Jul 2015   |  3:33 pm GMT  |  635 comments
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Christian Horner has admitted that Daniil Kvyat's latest eye-catching drive could have produced Red Bull's first podium finish of the season at Silverstone last weekend, as the Russian again outshone his team mate. With plenty of attention on Red …

07 Jul 2015   |  8:23 pm GMT  |  127 comments
Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Canadian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Montreal, Canada

Time was when the key members of Red Bull Racing all had linked contracts. Now Christian Horner is the only member of the star triumvirate, that led Red Bull to multi-championship success, who remains part of the …

01 Jul 2015   |  12:40 am GMT  |  72 comments
Horner, Mateschitz

There have been noises recently about Red Bull potentially leaving Formula 1, because owner Dietrich Mateschitz is falling out of love with the sport due to the current regulations and his team's relative weakness, in …

25 Jun 2015   |  5:53 pm GMT  |  152 comments
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Daniel Ricciardo has voiced his growing frustration at his lack of competitiveness at Red Bull this season hinting that the team is need of an overhaul. In Canada, the Australian, who limped home in 13th place …

16 Jun 2015   |  6:25 pm GMT  |  179 comments
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