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What should Vettel name his new car?

As we mentioned the other day, Sebastian Vettel is getting a new chassis for next weekend's Turkish Grand Prix. And in keeping with his tradition of naming cars after girls, it's going to need a …

23 May 2010   |  9:58 pm GMT  |  371 comments
Vettel pulls a “win” out of a bad situation

In the aftermath of yesterday's Grand Prix, everybody was focussed on Mark Webber's stunning weekend and the last minute heartbreak of Lewis Hamilton, who had second place in the bag when his left front tyre …

10 May 2010   |  10:33 am GMT  |  33 comments
F1 rivals left asking, “Why is the Red Bull so fast?”

The pace of the Red Bull cars this weekend has really shocked its rivals, all of whom are heading back to the drawing board after the updates their brought here seem to have taken them …

08 May 2010   |  5:35 pm GMT  |  37 comments
Vettel on top in Spain but he fears the McLarens in qualifying

Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time on the first day of practice for Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The German, who has had three pole positions already this season and one win, easily topped …

07 May 2010   |  4:28 pm GMT  |  6 comments
Red Bull front wing – Spot the difference!

This morning in Free Practice the Red Bull team did a back to back test on the new front wing it has brought to the Spanish Grand Prix. After one run mid way through the session …

07 May 2010   |  12:24 pm GMT  |  51 comments
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