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Ferrari bulletproof, Red Bull more reliable than McLaren

The German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, an opinion leader in F1 circles, has published a table reviewing the finishing record of the Formula 1 teams in the season to date. Ferrari comes out well on …

13 Aug 2010   |  8:49 am GMT  |  79 comments
Red Bull Racing strengthens commercial clout

Red Bull Racing has added LG Electronics to its roster of commercial partners as it consolidates its position as one of the top teams in F1. The team, which was bankrolled for many years by Red …

23 Jul 2010   |  4:40 pm GMT  |  10 comments
Marko: Where would Webber be without Red Bull?

After calming words from Red Bull team principal Christian Horner to attempt to end the row over preferential treatment between drivers, Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko has weighed in today, saying that Webber needs to …

16 Jul 2010   |  5:23 pm GMT  |  273 comments
Horner denies pressure from Red Bull to favour Vettel

In the fall out from Saturday's decision by Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner to take the sole remaining new front wing from Mark Webber's car and give t to Sebastian Vettel, he has …

13 Jul 2010   |  8:26 am GMT  |  251 comments
Webber speaks out about number two treatment

Mark Webber has confronted head on the issue of his "number two" treatment by the Red Bull team in the aftermath of today's British Grand Prix. On the radio on the slowing down lap he said, …

11 Jul 2010   |  3:55 pm GMT  |  337 comments
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