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Newey offers insight into why FIA exhaust ban was suspended

Buried deep in the transcript of yesterday's FIA press conference at Monaco is an explanation from Red Bull's Adrian Newey of why the FIA had to row back on the off-throttle exhaust ban they tried …

27 May 2011   |  11:02 am GMT  |  54 comments
The joy of Monaco

The sun is shining, the harbour is full of big boats and the competition looks very exciting this weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix. You can tell that the drivers are really pumped up about …

26 May 2011   |  5:01 pm GMT  |  21 comments
The real story behind the FIA’s exhaust clampdown

Yesterday's volte face by the FIA on the exhaust blown diffusers has sent out some confused messages to fans about what's going on behind the scenes. I've been in touch with engineers and with the FIA …

18 May 2011   |  2:06 pm GMT  |  145 comments
Gascoyne: Lotus updates for Spain worth a second a lap

Team Lotus chief technical officer Mike Gascoyne believes that the updates on its car, which will be rolled out in Spain this weekend, will be worth "about a second (per lap)". Although no teams stand still …

18 May 2011   |  6:24 am GMT  |  58 comments
Barrichello takes the hard road

F1 drivers these days tend to keep strong opinions to themselves, not wishing to stick their heads above the parapet. Like all professional sportsmen they will speak out if another driver cuts them up on …

13 May 2011   |  10:23 am GMT  |  105 comments
Williams reveals profit and new hybrid supercar project with Jaguar

Williams F1 team has announced its results for the 2010 financial year and it shows that while the team's turnover has shrunk from £108.3 million to £91 million - a drop of 8.5%, its …

10 May 2011   |  9:09 am GMT  |  29 comments
Williams to make changes and set new course for the future

It pains many in Formula 1 to see the Williams team's difficult start to the season. Around for over 30 years, responsible for some of the most celebrated moments of F1 history, they are still …

02 May 2011   |  8:33 am GMT  |  51 comments
Team Lotus confirms Caterham acquisition

The consortium behind Team Lotus today confirmed that it has acquired the Caterham road car business. Team owner Tony Fernandes has indicated that "we will link the Formula 1 team and the car company close together. …

27 Apr 2011   |  12:45 pm GMT  |  52 comments
Why Red Bull is strong in qualifying but McLaren is close in the race

The first three races have given us much to reflect on in terms of the new style of racing F1 now provides, but there are some fascinating details emerging too about the relative performance of …

21 Apr 2011   |  8:03 am GMT  |  176 comments
Predict the lap time for Mercedes & McLaren in final Barcelona F1 test

The final test session of the 2011 pre-season continues this morning in Barcelona. The test lasts five days, of which the teams are allowed to do four days running with a single car. It's a …

09 Mar 2011   |  11:30 am GMT  |  215 comments
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