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Austin qualifying top three

Nico Rosberg will start from pole position for the US Grand Prix after he topped a qualifying session that was abandoned after Q2 and will line up alongside his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. The session, which …

25 Oct 2015   |  4:20 pm GMT  |  20 comments Lewis Hamilton

Qualifying for the US Grand Prix has been postponed until Sunday morning due to severe weather conditions at the Circuit of the Americas. The session was repeatedly delayed and a wait of three hours occurred before …

24 Oct 2015   |  10:05 pm GMT  |  62 comments
Nico Rosberg

The second free practice session for the US Grand Prix was cancelled after torrential rain and lightening storms meant the medical helicopter could not take off. As the rain began to fall around 20 minutes before …

23 Oct 2015   |  9:23 pm GMT  |  38 comments
Lewis Hamilton

If Lewis Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix in Austin on Sunday, with Nico Rosberg second and Sebastian Vettel third, a result that has already occurred on four occasions so far this season, Hamilton will …

22 Oct 2015   |  2:59 pm GMT  |  103 comments
Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has joined the sports management company Areté in a bid to grow his “commercial and brand partnerships”, as well as handle his Formula 1 affairs. Areté, which was founded earlier this year by …

21 Oct 2015   |  5:02 pm GMT  |  201 comments
Daniil Kvyat

Renault and Red Bull managers will sit down in Austin this week to decide whether to use an upgraded engine for the US Grand Prix as the French manufacturer deploys some of its development potential …

20 Oct 2015   |  2:28 pm GMT  |  206 comments
Romain Grosjean

In the last few months, we've all seen the images of Lotus locked out of its hospitality due to unpaid bills and read about court hearings and narrowly avoided winding up orders. Normally when an …

19 Oct 2015   |  12:55 pm GMT  |  97 comments
Mercedes Factory Tour

Last Sunday Mercedes clinched the F1 Constructors' world championship for the second time. And today we helped the fans get closer to the sport as eight lucky JA on F1 readers got to take a peek …

16 Oct 2015   |  5:14 pm GMT  |  33 comments
Lewis Hamilton

If Lewis Hamilton wins the US Grand Prix in two weeks time with Nico Rosberg second and Sebastian Vettel third, the Briton will win his third world title. Hamilton is currently 66 points in front of …

12 Oct 2015   |  12:37 pm GMT  |  128 comments
Sochi podium

Lewis Hamilton won his 42nd Formula 1 race as he comfortably beat Sebastian Vettel to victory in the Russian Grand Prix and Nico Rosberg retired with a mechanical failure. Rosberg had successfully defended his lead on …

11 Oct 2015   |  2:15 pm GMT  |  306 comments
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