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Alonso says he’s surprised by Singapore investigation

Fernando Alonso spoke today at his usual Thursday afternoon press briefing about the investigation into the events of last year's Singapore Grand Prix, which he won thanks to a safety car triggered by his team …

10 Sep 2009   |  6:26 pm GMT  |  69 comments
Reading between the lines with Alonso, Kubica and Rosberg

This afternoon I sat down, along with various press colleagues, with Fernando Alonso, Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg and all three gave very interesting insights into their thought processes at this important time in the …

27 Aug 2009   |  5:27 pm GMT  |  37 comments
Montezemolo gives Badoer one more chance, Bianchi waits for call up

Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo chaired a meeting yesterday at Maranello at which it was confirmed that Luca Badoer would be given the opportunity to have a second race in the Ferrari. But, according to La …

25 Aug 2009   |  7:08 pm GMT  |  47 comments
Alonso and Raikkonen discuss helping team mates

I went from the Kimi Raikkonen press briefing this afternoon to the Fernando Alonso one and there was an interesting little cameo which came to light. There were some quotes yesterday from Luca Badoer saying that …

21 Aug 2009   |  5:15 pm GMT  |  78 comments
How main rivals got Renault out of trouble

The FIA has published the reasons behind the decision of the Appeal Court to reduce the one race ban imposed on Renault for the unsafe release of Fernando Alonso's car in Budapest with a loose …

19 Aug 2009   |  1:10 pm GMT  |  20 comments
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