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Fernando Alonso will not compete at the Australian Grand Prix following advice from doctors in the wake of his recent accident in testing. The Spaniard's McLaren team this morning issued a statement insisting that while Alonso is "asymptomatic …

03 Mar 2015   |  1:22 pm GMT  |  506 comments
Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has broken his silence about his condition, producing a selfie video for distribution on his Twitter channel in which he says that he fine and would like to be driving this week, but …

28 Feb 2015   |  8:40 am GMT  |  77 comments
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With speculation surrounding Fernando Alonso's testing accident at last week's Barcelona test continuing to swirl, McLaren CEO Ron Dennis has moved to further clarify the team's explanation of the incident. At a press briefing in Barcelona today …

26 Feb 2015   |  2:34 pm GMT  |  80 comments
Fernando Alonso

The good news today is that McLaren Honda driver Fernando Alonso has left hospital and is now recovering at a family home in Spain after three days hospital observation following his testing accident in Barcelona. He …

25 Feb 2015   |  5:46 pm GMT  |  243 comments
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McLaren have pinned the blames for Fernando Alonso’s heavy accident at the Circuit de Catalunya yesterday on strong winds, adding that the team “categorically state(s) that there is no evidence that indicates that Fernando’s car …

23 Feb 2015   |  5:05 pm GMT  |  297 comments
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