Turning up the heat
Sepang 2015
Malaysian Grand Prix
Fernando Alonso and Ferrari

Here we go again; summer's here, the temperatures are sky high, there's a long three week gap between races and Max Mosley and FOTA have gone quiet. If a vacuum is created something will come along …

02 Jul 2009   |  8:47 am GMT  |  87 comments
Alonso starts talking about Ferrari

There is a fantastic interview with Fernando Alonso in the Gazzetta dello Sport today, in which he gently moves closer to talking about Ferrari and his possible move there. According to Pino Allievi, the number one …

23 May 2009   |  7:32 am GMT  |  43 comments
Alonso says driving Monaco is 'stressful'

I caught up with Fernando Alonso this afternoon at his press briefing in the Renault motorhome. He's one of the few drivers to do this session on the first day of practice. I was interested to …

21 May 2009   |  3:52 pm GMT  |  0 comments
Alonso furious with Spanish media

Fernando Alonso is not enjoying his home Grand Prix and yesterday evening he had a major blow up with some of the Spanish journalists. It all relates to an autograph signing session on Thursday in the …

09 May 2009   |  9:27 am GMT  |  0 comments
Alonso reveals physical suffering in Bahrain

One of the striking images from the Bahrain GP was Fernando Alonso being carried from his car, having fought his way to the finish in seventh place depsite having no drinks bottle. That in itself …

07 May 2009   |  3:14 pm GMT  |  0 comments
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