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Montezemolo forgives Alonso mistakes

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has given a series of interviews lately, as Ferrari celebrates 800 Grand Prix starts and the most recent one is in today's Gazzetta dello Sport. In the interview he deals with …

25 May 2010   |  12:08 pm GMT  |  80 comments
FIA admits “lack of clarity’ in Monaco GP last lap

The fallout from Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix continues. This morning the FIA has accepted that the way the Safety Car was handled on the last lap and the information given to teams was not clear …

20 May 2010   |  10:10 am GMT  |  180 comments
Monaco Grand Prix – The key decisions

Welcome to our look-back at the key decisions which made the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is normally a frustrating race for team strategists. Qualifying is so important, it sets the tone for the race and only …

19 May 2010   |  6:41 pm GMT  |  24 comments
Reaction to Alonso’s howler in Monaco

There has been an interesting reaction in Italy to Fernando Alonso's accident, which put him out of contention for today's Monaco Grand Prix. Alonso cut a dark, brooding figure yesterday during qualifying, having sidelined himself with …

16 May 2010   |  10:42 am GMT  |  84 comments
Webber on pole as Alonso suffers a disaster

Mark Webber stunned F1 again today with his second pole position in eight days as he dominated qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. It is the sixth pole in six races for Red Bull this season. …

15 May 2010   |  3:36 pm GMT  |  117 comments
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