Turning up the heat
Sepang 2015
Malaysian Grand Prix
Alonso and Schumacher renew hostilities

One of the interesting human interest stories to come out of this Melbourne weekend was the renewal of the niggly relationship between Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher. The pair have history. Alonso is the driver Schumacher …

30 Mar 2010   |  9:57 pm GMT  |  259 comments
McLaren’s Dennis says he’s “Moved on” from F1 as he launches supercar

Ron Dennis launched the new McLaren roadcar the MP4/12 today and said that he had "moved on from F1". Dennis's career in F1 was full of success punctuated by some short bouts of uncompetitiveness, like the …

19 Mar 2010   |  12:28 am GMT  |  128 comments
How Ferrari bounced back in winning style

Today was a real vindication of the decision taken last summer by Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali to stop development of the 2009 car and throw everything at the 2010 model. The Ferrari was the best car …

14 Mar 2010   |  8:44 pm GMT  |  263 comments
Alonso – “Put the money on me now”

Yesterday, amid all the drama around Ferrari and USF1, we had another bouncy communication from Ferrari's Fernando Alonso. He has been speaking with Don McRae of the Guardian, who has a good relationship with Ferrari's …

24 Feb 2010   |  6:55 pm GMT  |  110 comments
Will Alonso launch a new era for Ferrari?

Fernando Alonso held his first press conference in Ferrari colours today. He spoke about his desire to win many championships with Ferrari, to end his career there and denied requesting number one status at any …

14 Jan 2010   |  6:46 pm GMT  |  215 comments
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