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Predict the lap time for Mercedes & McLaren in final Barcelona F1 test

The final test session of the 2011 pre-season continues this morning in Barcelona. The test lasts five days, of which the teams are allowed to do four days running with a single car. It's a …

09 Mar 2011   |  11:30 am GMT  |  215 comments
Alonso integrated into Ferrari and ready to go

Fernando Alonso always looks determined, that's part of his make up. Now with his Zorro moustache and beard and the intense look in his eye, he looks like he should have a cutlass in his …

13 Jan 2011   |  4:06 pm GMT  |  85 comments
A personal review of the F1 year – Ferrari

Ferrari, 5 wins, 2 poles, 3rd in Constructors' Championship There are so many ways to look at the story of Ferrari's 2010 season, but let's start with the helicopter view, the overview in other words. Ferrari …

06 Jan 2011   |  5:37 pm GMT  |  174 comments
Petrov feels the Glock effect: helping someone else to the title

I see that Vitaly Petrov has been speaking in German newspaper Bild about the abuse he's taken on his Facebook page from irate Alonso and Ferrari fans. The Russian managed to keep Alonso behind him …

25 Nov 2010   |  3:02 pm GMT  |  169 comments
How did Ferrari make that strategy mistake with Alonso?

The championship is over, the title is decided in Sebastian Vettel's favour but the nagging question everyone is wrestling with tonight is, how did Ferrari get its tactics so wrong? We have seen often this season …

14 Nov 2010   |  9:06 pm GMT  |  272 comments
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