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Russian Grand Prix
FOTA bosses say teams need to take ownership of the sport

FOTA held a press briefing this afternoon in the top floor of the McLaren motorhome to look back on what has been achieved so far and to look forward to what lies ahead. It was an …

06 May 2011   |  7:38 pm GMT  |  34 comments
Why Red Bull is strong in qualifying but McLaren is close in the race

The first three races have given us much to reflect on in terms of the new style of racing F1 now provides, but there are some fascinating details emerging too about the relative performance of …

21 Apr 2011   |  8:03 am GMT  |  176 comments
We’ve made McLaren a second a lap faster, says Whitmarsh

McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh says that some tough decisions have been taken following the team's poor performance in winter testing and the result, he believes, is a one second per lap improvement in the car. Two …

21 Mar 2011   |  12:40 pm GMT  |  164 comments
Predict the lap time for Mercedes & McLaren in final Barcelona F1 test

The final test session of the 2011 pre-season continues this morning in Barcelona. The test lasts five days, of which the teams are allowed to do four days running with a single car. It's a …

09 Mar 2011   |  11:30 am GMT  |  215 comments
Alonso integrated into Ferrari and ready to go

Fernando Alonso always looks determined, that's part of his make up. Now with his Zorro moustache and beard and the intense look in his eye, he looks like he should have a cutlass in his …

13 Jan 2011   |  4:06 pm GMT  |  85 comments
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