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Monaco Grand Prix

McLaren sponsor TAG Heuer this weekend honoured the McLaren pit crew which set a new pit stop record this year, changing all four wheels and tyres in 2.31 seconds in Germany. It was the …

23 Sep 2012   |  8:40 am GMT  |  39 comments

Lewis Hamilton continued McLaren's recent qualifying dominance, making it four poles from four races for the Woking team and underlining his value to them as he set an untouchable lap to claim pole position in …

22 Sep 2012   |  6:12 pm GMT  |  84 comments
Darren Heath

Sauber's Sergio Perez spoke this evening about his desire to get into a top team, claiming that he is "ready" to fight for wins and championships. At the same time he said that he had …

20 Sep 2012   |  2:10 pm GMT  |  40 comments

Here is something a bit different - Ferrari F1 driver and world championship leader Fernando Alonso drove a flying lap of the Singapore Grand Prix circuit today on the Shell Performance Simulator, which was set …

20 Sep 2012   |  12:59 pm GMT  |  18 comments

[Updated] Formula 1 sage and former McLaren team co-ordinator Jo Ramirez believes a failure to come to terms with the fact that he had been beaten by team-mate Jenson Button explained Lewis Hamilton’s tweeting of …

16 Sep 2012   |  1:13 pm GMT  |  195 comments
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