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Darren Heath

Many readers will be wanting to know the mathematical situation going into tomorrow's Singapore Grand Prix with regard to Sebastian Vettel clinching the championship. As I said in my qualifying post, Vettel has been untouchable all …

24 Sep 2011   |  8:21 pm GMT  |  17 comments
Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel set a blistering pace in qualifying today for the Singapore Grand Prix, taking his 11th pole position of the season. Mark Webber was second, with Jenson Button third and Lewis Hamilton fourth. If tomorrow's …

24 Sep 2011   |  5:56 pm GMT  |  38 comments
Ferrari photo

The race organisers are putting in an all-night stint with a massive programme of works to remedy problems with the kerbs following the first day of practice in Singapore. The plastic kerbs, in only their …

23 Sep 2011   |  6:48 pm GMT  |  18 comments
Screen shot 2011-09-23 at 13.23.22

Kimi Raikkonen is on the verge of signing a deal to return to F1 with Williams. The 2007 world champion has been in discussions with the team for several weeks, following a recent visit to the …

23 Sep 2011   |  4:10 pm GMT  |  229 comments
Screen shot 2011-09-22 at 11.45.55

World champion Sebastian Vettel may be on the point of clinching his second consecutive world title, but he said today that he is in no hurry to do it here in Singapore with six races …

22 Sep 2011   |  11:49 am GMT  |  61 comments
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