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Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali says the team hasn’t given up on the original exhaust configuration which featured on the F2012 in the early stages of pre-season testing – and will try again at the Mugello …

12 Mar 2012   |  12:05 am GMT  |  5 comments

Luca di Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari, has publicly entered the debate about the problems the new F2012 has been having in testing, increasing the pressure on the technical team hurrying to find the remedy. Speaking …

07 Mar 2012   |  6:44 am GMT  |  135 comments
Ferrari image

Fernando Alonso believes it is important to Ferrari’s hopes of challenging for the world title that none of their rivals makes a dominant start to the season akin to Sebastian Vettel last year, should the …

28 Feb 2012   |  2:13 pm GMT  |  8 comments
Darren Heath

Sebastian Vettel has been honoured by his nation, Germany, in a ceremony in the capital Berlin. The double world champion travelled there on Wednesday after completing his two days test in Barcelona to receive the …

24 Feb 2012   |  11:11 am GMT  |  34 comments
Massa: Under pressure but equal status at start of season (Darren Heath)

Felipe Massa says Ferrari has been working hard at Maranello to ensure the new F2012 runs more reliably at this week’s test at Barcelona than was the case at the opening pre-season sessions in Jerez. The …

20 Feb 2012   |  2:18 pm GMT  |  3 comments
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