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Sebastian Vettel became the first back to back race winner in 2012 at the Japanese Grand Prix, cruising to an easy win after a start line accident eliminated championship leader Fernando Alonso for the second …

07 Oct 2012   |  8:34 am GMT  |  358 comments

Sebastian Vettel took pole position for the Japanese Grand Prix and with Red Bull looking very fast this weekend, he looks set to close the gap on Fernando Alonso in the championship. It was Vettel's 34th …

06 Oct 2012   |  7:22 am GMT  |  155 comments

Last Friday, somewhat lost among all the furore over the announcement of the Hamilton-Mercedes transfer, there was an important note made by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo in a Q&A session at the Paris Motor …

03 Oct 2012   |  7:00 pm GMT  |  207 comments
Shell Motorsport image

Considering the Singapore GP is regarded as one of the most commercially significant events on the calendar it was somewhat apt that Ferrari and its most long-standing partner, Shell, celebrated their 500th race in partnership …

26 Sep 2012   |  11:21 am GMT  |  29 comments

The near-thousand strong parade of Ferrari sportscars that took to Silverstone earlier this month has been confirmed as a new Guinness World Record. In an attempt to beat the previous mark of 490 Ferraris all on …

24 Sep 2012   |  9:19 am GMT  |  6 comments
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