Russian fightback?
Sochi 2016
Russian Grand Prix

Kimi Raikkonen was his usual enigmatic self this evening after taking his first win since 2009 in his comeback season with Lotus. Asked, "How long will your celebrations of this win last ?" the notoriously bibulous …

04 Nov 2012   |  10:00 pm GMT  |  95 comments

Sebastian Vettel the world championship leader, has been excluded from the results of the Abu Dhabi qualifying session for having insufficient fuel in his car at the end of qualifying for the FIA to perform …

03 Nov 2012   |  7:52 pm GMT  |  369 comments

This weekend looks like being a fight between the championship leader Sebastian Vettel and the two McLaren drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, with Vettel and Hamilton in particular squaring up for a fight for …

02 Nov 2012   |  4:44 pm GMT  |  62 comments

Here is something new: our first translation of a piece of JA on F1 content into Spanish. With a very positive response from the piece on Alonso and Vettel's bid to become a three times …

01 Nov 2012   |  11:56 am GMT  |  62 comments

At the end of this season we know that Formula 1 will have a new three-times world champion; either Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso will win this championship and with it will acquire the mythical …

31 Oct 2012   |  7:33 am GMT  |  355 comments
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