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Monaco Grand Prix – A remarkable effort by Ferrari

I’ve been thinking about the Monaco race and it occurred to me that something really remarkable happened on Sunday, which no-one has commented upon. Alonso’s fightback from the pit lane to finish sixth was achieved in …

17 May 2010   |  11:17 pm GMT  |  151 comments
Schumacher punished by Hill and stewards for illegal overtake

Michael Schumacher's cheeky attempt to steal sixth place from Fernando Alonso in the Rascasse corner in today's Monaco Grand Prix has been deemed illegal by the race stewards, of whom Schumacher's former rival Damon Hill …

16 May 2010   |  7:03 pm GMT  |  570 comments
Reaction to Alonso’s howler in Monaco

There has been an interesting reaction in Italy to Fernando Alonso's accident, which put him out of contention for today's Monaco Grand Prix. Alonso cut a dark, brooding figure yesterday during qualifying, having sidelined himself with …

16 May 2010   |  10:42 am GMT  |  84 comments
Todt Jr to launch F1 team bid with ART GP

It has long been rumoured but now it's official - Jean Todt's son Nicolas is launching a bid to run his own F1 team, taking his highly successful GP2 team ART GP into the sport's …

14 May 2010   |  3:28 pm GMT  |  54 comments
Massa out of sorts in critical season

Felipe Massa looked rather dejected all weekend. He was asked after the race by Italian colleagues whether this was because of the rumours that Ferrari was thinking of replacing him with Robert Kubica, "I'm not …

10 May 2010   |  5:36 pm GMT  |  176 comments
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