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Posted on January 28, 2014
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Rewind back to January 2007: Kimi Raikkonen’s first ever pre-season test in Ferrari-red overalls was taking place. It was also in Spain and he went on to win the world championship. Seven years later he has not only chosen to race with the same number, but he is back testing with the Italian team, once again in Spain. Kimi’s start to the season at Ferrari today was a totally different story to back in 2007, however, a story of new challenges, a new car, a new engine… and patience. A lot of it. “We’ve been working very hard to get More…

Posted on January 25, 2014
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With comprehensive regulation changes leading to radically different machinery for 2014, Ferrari Technical Director James Allison has targeted reliability as the key target for the team’s F14 T, which was launched this afternoon. Allison, who joined the team late last season from Lotus, insisted that while new power units and changes to the aerodynamic regulations will create performance differences, it will be a team’s ability to finish races that will have a major influence on this year’s campaign. “The 2014 season sees us for the first time in many years having free development of an engine from a clean sheet More…

Posted on December 20, 2013
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As Ferrari launched its 2014 turbo F1 engine in Maranello, the team’s disappointing 2013 came to a point of closure. Felipe Massa ended an eight-year stint with Ferrari, as the team chose to sign Kimi Raikkonen in his place, alongside Fernando Alonso for next year. So, as part of our series of comparisons, we’ve run the numbers on their time together. The Brazilian, who will drive for Williams next season, spent four seasons with Alonso as his team-mate and according to the statistics, Massa was comfortably outperformed by the Spaniard during that period. However, it needs to be born in More…

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