Posted on September 26, 2009

Lewis Hamilton did the best job of the cars at the front of the field today, with a lap which was two tenths of a second faster than the man in second place, Sebastian Vettel, despite carrying an extra fuel weight penalty of over three tenths, so he was net half a second faster. Of course we never got to see what Vettel would have done on his second run because Barrichello hit the wall and the session was stopped prematurely. With all the intricate detail recently about how Renault fixed the result of last year’s race, the subject of More…

Posted on September 4, 2009

The Renault team has been summoned to appear before an extraordinary gathering of the World Council on September 21st, the Monday before Singapore, to answer a charge of bringing the sport into disrepute. It is alleged that the team conspired with its number two driver Nelson Piquet, to crash his car at last year’s Singapore Grand Prix to help its lead driver Fernando Alonso, win. It is a very serious charge and one which carries a range of punishments from fines to exclusion from the world championship. McLaren faced a similar charge over the Ferrari spy allegations and was fined More…

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