Posted on September 21, 2009

The World Motor Sport Council meets today to consider what punishment to hand out to Renault for asking its driver Nelson Piquet Jr to deliberately crash his car in Singapore last year. Renault’s deputation is headed by Renault Sport president Bernard Rey and Fernando Alonso has also answered the summons to give evidence. He has not had a lot of time to prepare and it will be interesting to see what line the WMSC takes with him. The FIA investigators concluded that Alonso didn’t know anything and it appears he was surprised to be called. One wonders whether the FIA More…

Posted on August 25, 2009

The efforts of the BRDC board to attract serious investment from outside sources to shore up the future of Silverstone took a step forward today when the members voted to allow the board to entertain offers. It has been rumoured that investors from the Gulf are interested in buying in. This should not be confused with a sale, as Silverstone is ring fenced as an asset from sale, a move made several years ago when it was under threat from various sides. The BRDC board can now go out and find investment partners willing to put capital into infrastructure projects More…

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