Posted on April 29, 2013

F1 in Schools in the Middle East – Watch this Space! By Steve Nevey F1 technical business expert, formerly with Red Bull Racing As part of my Business Development role with the fabulous F1 in Schools educational initiative, I have the occasional pleasure to meet some of the inspirational students who participate in the program. F1 in Schools is currently active in more that 40 countries, making it a truly Global initiative that encourages children to develop an interest in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). One of the regions where F1 in Schools is really beginning More…

Posted on January 22, 2013

by Steve Nevey, F1 technical business expert, formerly with Red Bull Racing Formula 1 is all about who has the most money, yes? No! I once overheard somebody say to a Formula 1 boss, “So, you produce racing cars”. The reply was, “No. Actually, we produce knowledge and intellect. The car is just a brief manifestation of that intellect.” It’s true. If a team lost its cars in transit, or through some freak incident at its headquarters, it could rebuild them. If a team lost its data, then it’s in trouble. Monisha Kaltenborn, the Team Principal of Sauber F1, has More…

Posted on September 14, 2012

by Stephen Hood, Creative Director, Codemasters F1 2012 game What makes Maldonado, Maldonado? Why is Alonso able to get more out of a car than his current team-mate? Who wouldn’t like to better understand how Button treats his control inputs with such finesse? Many of us have these discussions pre and post race when talking to friends, family and enthusiasts alike but here at Codemasters, developer of the official Formula One game, we take it to another level. We have to try and isolate characteristics, recognise how drivers think, how they treat their cars and what it is that differentiates More…

Posted on July 27, 2012

Leading Innovation from Motorsport to Road Cars By Steve Wainwright, (General Manager EMEA, VP Sales and Marketing, Freescale Semiconductor) Upcoming changes in the F1 regulations have put the spotlight on the ECU, or Engine Control Unit of the vehicle, often considered the “brain” of the car. The figures are indeed pretty impressive: the McLaren Electronic Systems ECU is connected to 120 sensors, collects and manages over 500 parameters, controls the system and reports back to the pit garage 750 million pieces of data during every Grand Prix, all live and in real time. These ECUs are probably one of the More…

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