Posted on September 26, 2013

The Singapore Grand Prix saw a significant development in the broadcast of Formula 1 with Formula 1 Management trialling a Proof of Concept for delivering video content to broadcasters. FOM’s Chief technical officer John Morrison hailed it as “ground breaking” and it could soon affect the way all F1 fans consume content. The trial, conducted with FOM’s Connectivity partner Tata Communications [which is also a sponsor of the JA on F1 website], involved a live video feed of Free Practice being sent via the TCL global fibre ring back to FOM’s headquarters in Biggin Hill, England. The demonstration included the supply More…

Posted on July 7, 2010

The BBC is going a step deeper in its live online coverage of F1 with a new animation called a Driver Tracker, to supplement what is available on TV. This weekend at the British Grand Prix, they are trialing the animation, which will be selectable in the video section at the top of the F1 live page. It is similar in concept to the 3D track graphic on the Soft Pauer Iphone app, which came out last year. It is supplied by FOM from real timing data at the circuit. You can track the position of the cars around the More…

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