Posted on February 28, 2014

Today February 28th, has been a very busy one in F1, with not only the testing going on in Bahrain, but also deadlines for new teams to enter the sport in 2015 and for engines to be homologated as well as a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group. There are three headlines arising from the day which F1 fans need to be aware of. Double points still in place but only for last race The Group discussed the suggestion that the controversial idea of awarding double points at the final race should be extended to the last three races. This More…

Posted on October 19, 2013

On Monday the F1 Strategy Group will meet for the first time and a new era of F1 rule making will begin, which excludes small and medium sized teams. They fear it could lead ultimately to the sport polarising into a few top “works” teams with the rest running customer cars. The F1 Strategy Group is a new body which has been born out of the bilateral agreement between the FIA and the commercial rights holders CVC and Bernie Ecclestone, signed last month. Where previously, the teams would all meet to have an input into new ideas and directions for More…

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