Posted on December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas to all readers and for those in countries where Christmas isn’t celebrated, thanks for bearing with us through the holiday period. Hope you had fun with the Quiz over the last couple of days. Here are the answers, did you get them all? Did anyone manage it without reference books or Google? There is a clarification on the question about the only driver to win a world title without scoring a point the year before. I meant a driver who took part the year before but didn’t score… Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion this year, but More…

Posted on December 24, 2010

Fancy you know a bit about Formula 1? Were you paying attention this season? Then try your hand at the JA on F1 Christmas Quiz. We’ve put together 20 Questions to test your knowledge of F1 from this season and from the past. This isn’t meant to be some obscure chassis-spotting exercise, but a collection of fun questions to answer over the holiday period. There’s no prize, just see how quickly you can solve it. Try it without using Google first, see how far you get. Good luck! Answers will be posted on December 26th. For obvious reasons, please don’t More…

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