Posted on May 13, 2013

The Spanish Grand Prix threw up a few interesting comparisons from last year to this, not least in the relative pace of the cars and the improvement in speed of the pit stops. At one end of the spectrum the Mercedes was 2.3 seconds faster in qualifying than in 2012, while the Williams was a second slower than Pastor Maldonado’s pole time from last year. But in the pits there has also been progress; Ferrari set the fastest stop on Sunday, a clear second faster than its best time last year (when it was again fastest) thanks to the many More…

Posted on July 11, 2012

[Updated] The McLaren team may have its problems with competitiveness on the track, having fallen behind Ferrari and Red Bull in the last month, but in the pits the team is now the fastest in F1. The situation is the opposite of the start of the season, where they had the fastest cars, but had plenty of problems in pit stops. At last weekend’s British Grand Prix the team set the two fastest stops of the day in 2.6secs and 2.9secs and all four stops averaged less than 3.0secs. This follows Valencia where they also set the fastest time in More…

Posted on September 25, 2011

Today’s Singapore Grand Prix should provide a thrilling spectacle on track between the world’s leading drivers but there is also fierce competition in the pitlane between rival teams of mechanics for the fastest pit stops. As you would expect from the team which has raised its game in all areas of late, Red Bull leads the way on the fastest average pit stop across the season, but they have some stiff competition from Mercedes in particular and it is a point of contention for the Red Bull crew, directed by Jonathan Wheatley, that Mercedes has set a faster time this More…

Posted on July 6, 2011

Today we ran the JA on F1 pits stop challenge outside the Hilton in Park Lane, London. The event was laid on by McLaren sponsor Hilton and we had a car for an hour, plus instruction from experienced McLaren mechanics. It was another example of giving a fans a chance to get up close to the sport and find out what it takes to perform one of the most high pressure jobs in a Grand Prix weekend. Some of the best drilled pit crews are doing pit stops of all four wheels in under four seconds this season, so how More…

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