Posted on September 12, 2013

The reaction to Kimi Raikkonen’s move back to Ferrari has been interesting. Fans have mixed views with many delighted to see the Finn back in red, while others think that the combination of Fire and Ice will not work. As for the media, Italy’s leading sports paper Gazzetta dello Sport describes it as a “brave but dangerous choice”. “It’s stimulating but also insidious. Above all though it was an inevitable choice. Felipe Massa had reached the end of a glorious career in red, an excellent second driver, better than Irvine or Barrichello. But his performances now are more about lows More…

Posted on October 4, 2012

Sergio Perez has a bit to learn about dealing with the media when he steps up to a top team with McLaren next year. Today in Suzuka he essentially admitted that he lied in the press conference in Singapore two weeks ago when he was asked very clearly if he had been approached by any top teams. “Questioner: But have approaches been made? Perez: No. Questioner: From major teams, no approaches? Perez: No.” A week later he was confirmed as a McLaren driver for 2013, replacing Lewis Hamilton. Sources suggest that the negotiations were already well advanced in Monza. But More…

Posted on August 19, 2011

It is said that “tradition is an experiment which worked’. This evening on Facebook there is an experiment taking place which will be eagerly watched by sponsors, rights holders and broadcasters and, if it works, could have a significant role to play in the way F1 media is consumed in the future. Budweiser, the sponsor of the FA Cup competition, is streaming the opening round of the FA Cup live tonight at 7-45pm on its Facebook page, taking the content live and direct to its consumers. It expects around 100,000 of Facebook’s 700 million audience to watch and may show More…

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