Posted on May 21, 2012

[Updated] F1 fans could soon be able to buy shares in their favourite sport. The floatation of the Formula 1 business is a step closer after the Singapore Stock Exchange approved the $3 billion flotation of part of the business, according to Reuters and Bloomberg today. Pre-marketing is set to start on May 22nd, according to a Reuters source close to the deal. The marketing co-incides with F1 putting on one of its most spectacular shows of the season, at the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. CVC pre-sold $1.6 billion of stock to three investors including Black Rock in a More…

Posted on November 20, 2011

Bernie Ecclestone has raised the possibility of the commercial arm of F1 being floated on the stock market in Asia. The 81 year old billionaire has told the Telegraph that he thinks a floation in Asia, either in Singapore or possibly Hong Kong would be a good step for the business and allow private equity form CVC to make a complete or partial exit. “If I wanted to dispose of the company today I would float it in Singapore or Hong Kong,” Ecclestone said, adding that if CVC wants an exit, “it would be better to float the company in More…

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