Posted on November 30, 2012

The closing date for Formula 1 teams to pay the full increased entry fees to race in the 2013 season passed today, with the total revenues received by the FIA set to be in excess of $15 million. As confirmed recently in next season’s sporting regulations after months of deliberations, all teams now have to pay a flat fee of $500,000 at the time they submit their entries for the following year followed by an additional sum per point scored in the Constructors’ Championship at the completion of that particular season. The general per-point fee is $5,000, however, the constructors’ More…

Posted on November 2, 2012

The much discussed entry fee hike for F1 teams was confirmed this week, as the 2013 Sporting Regulations were published by the FIA. Under the new rules for 2013, the team that wins the constructors’ championship will pay a basic fee of US$500,000 and then $6000 US for every point scored. The other teams will pay the same basic fee plus US$5000 per point. So, for example, if Red Bull continues scoring points in the three final races at the same rate as they have scored in the last three races then they will end up with around 520 points, More…

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