Posted on July 27, 2012

Renault Sport’s Rob White has put out a document this evening which looks at the Red Bull engine mapping intrigue of the last week and explains Renault’s side of the story. Following intervention from the FIA technical staff in German and a subsequent clarification of the rules, Renault has been obliged to go back to pre-Germany torque maps on the Red Bull cars. Here White explains what the fuss is all about: What is a driver torque map? The driver torque map represents the torque requested by the driver as a function of engine speed and accelerator pedal position. What More…

Posted on July 23, 2012

F1 technicians are always in search of detailed innovations, which will give a competitive edge over their rivals, especially where the rules are not clearly worded. At Hockenheim this weekend at the German Grand Prix, we saw an episode where an innovation from Red Bull and its engine partner Renault was allowed through because it was not covered by the rules, so even though the FIA’s own technical delegate Jo Bauer, felt he had found something in the engine mapping which was not allowed, when he referred it to the race stewards on Sunday they felt they had no choice More…

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