Posted on February 9, 2014

The priority for Formula 1 this year is to get costs under control and there are signs that the first steps towards achieving that may be within reach. It was announced by the FIA at Christmas time that a budget cap would be brought in for 2015 and behind the scenes in recent weeks there have been extensive discussions which have proved more fruitful than in the past. The main stakeholders are all engaged: the teams, the FIA and the commercial rights holder. F1 almost tore itself apart in 2009 when then FIA president Max Mosley tried for force a More…

Posted on April 2, 2012

Over the past couple of weeks the majority of F1 teams have reached commercial agreements with Bernie Ecclestone to stay in the sport until 2020. Next will come a process by which other details of the next Concorde Agreement will be generated. One of the most important aspects of securing a stable sport will be agreeing the best method of cost control going forward. Ecclestone has been pushing recently the thorny subject of budget caps and it’s interesting to note that on the official F1 site today, Sauber CEO Monisha Kaltenborn endorses the idea. Kaltenborn says that the Resource Restriction More…

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