Williams Russian Grand Prix 2015

This weekend's fourth round of the F1 World Championship at Sochi is likely to be a fast and furious affair with the teams defaulting to the softest tyres in the range on the low-grip surface. While …

26 Apr 2016   |  1:20 pm GMT  |  126 comments
Chinese GP 2016
Strategy Report

After three rounds it is abundantly clear that Race Strategy has become increasingly important and dynamic this season, due to the availability of three different tyre compounds, instead of two, for qualifying and the race. …

19 Apr 2016   |  2:57 pm GMT  |  230 comments
Kimi Raikkonen Chinese Grand Prix 2015

This weekend's third round of the F1 World Championship in Shanghai, China, will be closely scrutinised, not least by senior management at Ferrari. The suggestion in Italy is that Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne is set …

13 Apr 2016   |  11:52 am GMT  |  105 comments
Bahrain Grand Prix
Strategy Report

The Bahrain Grand Prix has provided a good combination of overtaking and fast-reaction race strategy for the past two seasons and this year’s race was another excellent example. Although we lost one of the main protagonists …

05 Apr 2016   |  11:04 am GMT  |  158 comments
Bahrain Grand Prix

This weekend the F1 caravan rolls into Bahrain and despite the focus being on the controversial decision to stick with the unloved 'elimination' qualifying, the tactical game in the race should once again prove the …

29 Mar 2016   |  1:23 pm GMT  |  165 comments
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