Pastor Maldonado

Pastor Maldonado's F1 career has come to an end after 95 Grands Prix and the man synonymous with accidents and incidents has now left the stage, no doubt to the relief of some of his …

02 Feb 2016   |  12:23 pm GMT  |  76 comments
Start Abu Dhabi 2015
Strategy Report

The Formula 1 season finale lacked drama and tension, as the title was decided last month, but it provided a very interesting talking point from a race strategy point of view. Once again, Lewis Hamilton …

01 Dec 2015   |  4:04 pm GMT  |  148 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has revealed the inspiration that led him to become a Formula 1 driver, but reckons his five-year-old self would have preferred to be a superhero. Hamilton, who secured his third F1 title at the …

24 Nov 2015   |  6:33 pm GMT  |  182 comments
Hamilton, Rosberg
Strategy Report

Race Strategy decisions were at the very heart of the headlines arising from the Brazilian Grand Prix. Nico Rosberg led home Lewis Hamilton, but the world champion was unhappy that his Mercedes team did not …

17 Nov 2015   |  5:52 pm GMT  |  193 comments Pirelli

More strategic variation is going to be the name of the game in 2016 as Pirelli confirmed that it will debut its new ultrasoft tyre at a 12-hour test in Abu Dhabi later this month, …

05 Nov 2015   |  7:41 pm GMT  |  46 comments
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