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30 Jun 2015
British GP

The organisers of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone are predicting a record crowd on race day of 140,000 as a combination of the Lewis Hamilton effect and a new strategy on ticket pricing appears …

29 Jun 2015   |  11:57 am GMT  |  48 comments
Richard Branson

Richard Branson doesn't know much about motorsport, but he knows how to grab headlines for his projects and he's intervened spectacularly this weekend, saying that Formula E will overtake F1 in five years time. His success …

28 Jun 2015   |  8:59 am GMT  |  155 comments
Arrivabene, Massa

The boss of Ferrari F1 team Maurizio Arrivabene has argued since his appointment that F1 needs to do more to connect with fans and the 58 year has found himself at the centre of an …

26 Jun 2015   |  10:27 am GMT  |  76 comments
Horner, Mateschitz

There have been noises recently about Red Bull potentially leaving Formula 1, because owner Dietrich Mateschitz is falling out of love with the sport due to the current regulations and his team's relative weakness, in …

25 Jun 2015   |  5:53 pm GMT  |  151 comments
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