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FIA President Jean Todt, along with FIA Medical Commission President Gérard Saillant are to take legal action against former F1 driver Philippe Streiff following comments made by the ex-driver in an interview with a French web TV station …

22 Jan 2015   |  8:01 pm GMT  |  135 comments
Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - British Grand Prix - Race Day - Nurburgring, Germany

It seems hard to imagine, given that four of the last five world championships have been won by a German driver and Mercedes currently dominates the sport, but F1 is in crisis in Germany. The …

22 Jan 2015   |  6:49 pm GMT  |  110 comments
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Force India today became the first team to give a live reveal to its 2015 livery, with the launch of its new team colours in Mexico City. Williams yesterday partially showed off its 2015 challenger with a reveal …

21 Jan 2015   |  5:07 pm GMT  |  112 comments
Williams 2015 F1 car

The car expected to challenge for the runner up spot in this year's world championship has been revealed on the cover of the latest issue of F1 Racing magazine. Williams has jumped the queue with the …

21 Jan 2015   |  8:41 am GMT  |  145 comments
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