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Russian GP 2016 press conference

With the 30 April deadline to set Formula 1’s 2017 regulations fast approaching, Nico Rosberg reckons that the drivers’ opinions on rule changes will be considered more seriously in future by the sport’s regulators. Earlier this …

28 Apr 2016   |  5:00 pm GMT  |  6 comments
Fernando Alonso

How does a champion keep going, when he hasn't won a championship for ten years, when the Spanish Grand Prix in two weeks will make the third anniversary of his last F1 victory? Fernando Alonso is …

28 Apr 2016   |  12:23 pm GMT  |  131 comments
F1 grid

F1's rule makers are in the final stages of finalising a new package of aerodynamic and chassis regulations for 2017, which will push up costs for teams, while at the same time trying to pin …

27 Apr 2016   |  4:09 pm GMT  |  64 comments Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean says he dreamed of driving for Ferrari in Formula 1 as a child, but the father of two claims he did not sign for Haas F1 as a ploy to join the Scuderia …

27 Apr 2016   |  2:23 pm GMT  |  23 comments
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