Baku GP

Arif Rahimov, the organiser of next seasons's Baku Grand Prix in Azerbaijan, is in the paddock this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and JA on F1 took the opportunity to speak to him …

28 Nov 2015   |  8:23 am GMT  |  15 comments

Formula 1’s V6 turbo power units are now more powerful than the previous V8 and V10 engines, according to Mercedes’ engine boss Andy Cowell. Speaking ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Cowell explained that being …

27 Nov 2015   |  1:31 pm GMT  |  171 comments
Interlagos start

The Formula 1 commission has rejected the proposed plans to introduce a standard engine for the 2017 season, according to the FIA. The F1 Commission, which met in Paris yesterday, comprises all the teams, along with …

25 Nov 2015   |  11:25 am GMT  |  177 comments
F1 team bosses

Today in Paris there will be a series of meetings, which form the next stage in the process of powering F1 cars for the future. The governing body, the FIA, is determined to force the manufacturers …

24 Nov 2015   |  1:09 pm GMT  |  87 comments
Jean Todt, Christian Horner

The FIA has sent out tender documents to engine-makers to send in their bids by November 23rd to be the supplier of the new commercially available F1 engine from 2017 onwards. Timescales are tight and …

13 Nov 2015   |  3:05 pm GMT  |  117 comments
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