Mercedes technical chief Paddy Lowe has said that he is confident F1 fans will appreciate the louder F1 engines this season, thanks to a specific regulation change allowing a second exhaust pipe. But F1 teams …

24 Jan 2016   |  6:38 pm GMT  |  179 comments
Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 17.45.57

Last night I went to a dinner in London hosted by Ben Ainslie Racing and its sponsor Land Rover, a first chance in a while to meet up with former McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh and …

22 Jan 2016   |  6:50 pm GMT  |  41 comments
Mika Hakkinen

Double Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen reckons business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos can learn from his approach to the sport. Hakkinen appeared on a panel with Sebastian Vettel, Susie Wolff and …

21 Jan 2016   |  6:19 pm GMT  |  13 comments
Ferrari, Mercedes

The last two days have seen meetings at the FIA headquarters in Geneva aimed at securing cheaper engines for F1 teams from 2018, guaranteed supplies for teams and stability to the end of 2020. It …

19 Jan 2016   |  7:47 pm GMT  |  189 comments
Lewis Hamilton

Plans to make Formula 1 cars five-seconds a lap quicker for the 2017 season are being watered down down after Pirelli expressed concerns that the changes would lead to dangerous levels of cornering forces on …

12 Jan 2016   |  6:16 pm GMT  |  180 comments
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