[Updated] Something very unusual happened during Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix – the telemetry failed in the Ferrari garage between laps 17 and 24, so the team had no information from the cars on temperatures, pressures …

10 Sep 2012   |  6:36 pm GMT  |  52 comments

Sometimes the goal of an innovation in F1 is not the pursuit of better performance, but rather of safety. There have been plenty of examples of that and now the F1 teams and the FIA …

03 Sep 2012   |  5:35 pm GMT  |  161 comments

This weekend at Spa we will be hearing a lot about DRS and Double DRS. That is because Spa offers one of the largest boosts in lap time from the Drag Reduction System of any …

31 Aug 2012   |  12:43 pm GMT  |  13 comments
Darren Heath

There was an interesting story in yesterday's Mail on Sunday about an innovative new use in the medical world for the F1 electronic control unit, the "brain" of an F1 car. As a result of a …

20 Aug 2012   |  9:06 am GMT  |  62 comments
Welcome to new JA on F1 Innovation and technology section

“F1 is all about innovation” - Ross Brawn, AMG Mercedes F1 team principal We are delighted to launch a new section of the JA on F1 site, aimed at bringing fans closer to the sport …

28 Jul 2012   |  4:52 pm GMT  |  49 comments
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