Ferrari launched its car, the F138 in Maranello today. The team made it very clear that it intended to start the season strongly, unlike last year, where it played catch up to the McLaren and …

01 Feb 2013   |  2:06 pm GMT  |  106 comments
Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 14.44.04

McLaren launched its new 2013 challenger today, an evolution of the 2012 model, which was the fastest car for significant parts of the season, including the beginning and end. On the face of it, the new …

31 Jan 2013   |  3:45 pm GMT  |  127 comments
Guest Blog: Knowledge is power for the Sauber F1 Team

by Steve Nevey, F1 technical business expert, formerly with Red Bull Racing Formula 1 is all about who has the most money, yes? No! I once overheard somebody say to a Formula 1 …

22 Jan 2013   |  12:09 pm GMT  |  2 comments
AMG Mercedes HPP

More spectacular racing, with F1 cars having more power than grip on corner exits and an opportunity to showcase technology and innovation, putting F1 back at the cutting edge - these are the likely hallmarks …

11 Jan 2013   |  3:08 pm GMT  |  301 comments
Alejandro Agag

Yesterday the new FIA Formula E series announced its first team entry, following up on recent announcements on race venues in Rio and Rome. Lord Drayson's team is the first of 10 which will contest …

10 Jan 2013   |  3:35 pm GMT  |  88 comments
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