Red Bull technical boss Adrian Newey has spoken of his frustration that the current rules in F1 stifle creativity, but recognises that without tight regulation F1 would become an arms race, "I think it is a …

04 Oct 2012   |  2:08 pm GMT  |  28 comments
XPB - Marussia

Marussia team president Graeme Lowden fears that the implementation of the costly 2014 engine regulations will put the futures of numerous Formula 1 teams on the line. Despite the in-development 1.6 litre, turbocharged V6 engines, and …

02 Oct 2012   |  2:10 pm GMT  |  128 comments

The constant push for Innovation in F1 always needs to be tempered with the requirement for the cars to be reliable. And it’s also vital in a fast evolving competition like F1 that any development steps …

25 Sep 2012   |  11:57 am GMT  |  26 comments

Innovation in F1 can take many forms and there is some very interesting work going on at the moment in alternative energies, with solar power companies attracted into F1. It's not an obvious fit one …

17 Sep 2012   |  1:14 pm GMT  |  58 comments
Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 15.44.02

by Stephen Hood, Creative Director, Codemasters F1 2012 game What makes Maldonado, Maldonado? Why is Alonso able to get more out of a car than his current team-mate? Who wouldn’t like to better understand how …

14 Sep 2012   |  3:48 pm GMT  |  3 comments
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