After weeks of speculation, Pirelli has today announced that it is changing one of the F1 tyres in its range from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards. The hard tyre will be changed to be closer in …

25 Apr 2013   |  10:23 am GMT  |  202 comments

After the first two Grands Prix the teams have had a couple of weeks to prepare for the next pair of races in China this weekend and then Bahrain the following week. In terms of development, …

08 Apr 2013   |  12:24 pm GMT  |  198 comments

JA on F1 technical adviser and former Williams chief engineer Mark Gillan believes it will take McLaren quite some time to fix problems with their 2013 car. The Woking-based team ended last year with the fastest …

04 Apr 2013   |  9:11 am GMT  |  133 comments

Before the season started, JA on F1 Technical Adviser Mark Gillan observed in the first podcast of the season that the key to success in 2013 would be thermal tyre management. And the first Grand …

21 Mar 2013   |  9:52 am GMT  |  105 comments

Innovation in F1 is not limited to new technology on the cars or in communications devices, it even extends to the clothing worn by mechanics in the pit lane. And this weekend in the heat …

19 Mar 2013   |  7:36 am GMT  |  31 comments
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