Giorgio Piola

Last week we reported a story from technical journalist Giorgio Piola about a clever device Lotus Renault had developed to stabilise the suspension under braking. After initial signals from the FIA that the system would …

21 Jan 2012   |  11:43 am GMT  |  238 comments
Giorgio Piola

We've had a big response to the story earlier this week about the new ride height control system on the Lotus Renault using tiny cylinders on the end of the pushrods. There were many questions …

13 Jan 2012   |  6:09 pm GMT  |  57 comments
Darren Heath

In 2010 it was the F Duct, last year the blown diffuser, is this year's must-have technical gizmo a braking stabilising system, innovated by Lotus? Veteran technical journalist Giorgio Piola is writing that Lotus Renault GP …

10 Jan 2012   |  9:56 am GMT  |  203 comments
Screen shot 2011-12-28 at 16.18.30

Before Christmas break I had the chance to visit the Mercedes F1 engine factory near Northampton and I posted on their analysis of the 2011 season. You can read that post HERE But the final part …

28 Dec 2011   |  5:26 pm GMT  |  116 comments
Red Bull

The performance of the Toro Rosso cars at the weekend underlined how much progress the team has made in the second half of the season. But where is the boost coming from and is there …

03 Nov 2011   |  2:40 pm GMT  |  76 comments
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