This morning I had the chance to drive in the latest generation mobile simulator, which has been designed and built for Shell by ex Ferrari and Red Bull electronics chief Anton Stipinovitch. The simulator, based …

26 Aug 2011   |  11:02 am GMT  |  76 comments
Darren Heath

The battles over the greening of F1 continue, with Bernie Ecclestone again casting himself in the role of the roadblock. This time he has said that the concept of F1 cars running on electric only …

05 Aug 2011   |  10:52 am GMT  |  261 comments
Paolo Filisetti

It's now August and although they lead both championships comfortably, Red Bull's last race victory was in Valencia in June. They have maintained their 100% record in qualifying, but on race day they no longer …

04 Aug 2011   |  10:23 am GMT  |  169 comments
F1 set for electric starts – literally!

With the publication this weekend of the FIA F1 Technical Regulations and talk of the cars running on electric only in the pit lane, one of the things which hasn't been considered is "electric starts". A …

22 Jul 2011   |  9:40 am GMT  |  128 comments
Blown diffusers – So what exactly is being banned?

The Formula 1 teams have been on notice for a few weeks that the practice of "hot blowing" and "cold blowing" exhaust through the diffusers is to be banned and yesterday the FIA confirmed that …

12 Jun 2011   |  11:52 am GMT  |  75 comments
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