Red Bull

F1 technicians are always in search of detailed innovations, which will give a competitive edge over their rivals, especially where the rules are not clearly worded. At Hockenheim this weekend at the German Grand Prix, we …

23 Jul 2012   |  10:38 am GMT  |  265 comments

The qualifying in Hockenheim showed for a second race in succession that Ferrari and Red Bull has an advantage in wet conditions when it comes to finding grip. One of the leading engineers from a rival …

22 Jul 2012   |  7:55 am GMT  |  46 comments
Drive on the Abu Dhabi GP circuit (Darren Heath)

The 2012 F1 in Schools World Finals are to be held in Abu Dhabi from 29th October to 31st October to coincide with the nation's fourth Grand Prix. It is the eighth time that the prestigious …

14 Jul 2012   |  12:19 pm GMT  |  1 comment
Darren Heath

[Updated] The McLaren team may have its problems with competitiveness on the track, having fallen behind Ferrari and Red Bull in the last month, but in the pits the team is now the fastest in …

11 Jul 2012   |  2:28 pm GMT  |  51 comments
Lotus F1 Team simulator

Formula 1 will move into a more environmentally-friendly era when the next generation engine formula is introduced in two years’ time and amid on-going attempts by teams to improve their own sustainability and efficiency Lotus …

04 Jul 2012   |  9:57 pm GMT  |  24 comments
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