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The war of words over Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification in Australia went up a level today as Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said that the fuel flow sensors, which the FIA has specified and which …

28 Mar 2014   |  1:34 pm GMT  |  264 comments
MTS Systems

Picture an F1 car standing still in the pit lane. The sidewalls of the tyre are nice and straight and the contact patch of the tyre is touching the ground. But imagine what that tyre …

23 Mar 2014   |  10:35 am GMT  |  60 comments
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As always on JA on F1 we like to bring the fans closer to the sport in many ways and after the first race of the new Formula 1 in Australia, we've analysed the performances …

21 Mar 2014   |  2:41 pm GMT  |  142 comments

We have had a lot of readers asking why F1 has introduced a fuel flow rate monitoring regulation this season as part of the new rules for the hybrid turbo power units. This is in the …

17 Mar 2014   |  10:14 pm GMT  |  410 comments
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When you watch next weekend's Australian Grand Prix, some of what you see and hear on your screens will be being operated by technicians sitting next to an airfield in Kent, collaborating in real time …

05 Mar 2014   |  12:06 pm GMT  |  102 comments
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