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We have now seen 2014 F1 cars launched by six of the 11 F1 teams, with Toro Rosso due to reveal its challenger - now powered by the same Renault engine as the sister Red …

26 Jan 2014   |  10:21 pm GMT  |  129 comments
Six key points to watch for in new-look F1 for 2014

The controversial new rule for 2014 awarding double points for the last race is likely to have unintended consequences, like influencing the way that the smaller teams in F1 design the cars. This is one …

14 Jan 2014   |  3:40 pm GMT  |  149 comments
Darren Heath

The man in charge of managing the F1 Grands Prix on the circuit, Charlie Whiting, has said that the Drag Reduction System (DRS) has been a boost to F1 and is here to stay. Giving the …

10 Jan 2014   |  8:13 pm GMT  |  177 comments

With its first race set to take place in Beijing this September, Formula E has today made a step towards announcing its first set of drivers as eight established names signed up to the series' …

08 Jan 2014   |  3:15 pm GMT  |  59 comments
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As the calendar page turns to 2014, thoughts focus on the new F1 season which is now just 73 days away. The change to the technical regulations is the biggest for a generation and no-one is …

01 Jan 2014   |  10:50 am GMT  |  256 comments
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