One man who will be keeping everything crossed this afternoon is Remi Taffin, from Renault Sport, hoping that the new specification alternators do not fail and affect the outcome of the world championship. Vettel lost a …

25 Nov 2012   |  12:52 pm GMT  |  22 comments

One of the major talking points from the US Grand Prix weekend was the decision by Ferrari on Sunday morning to deliberately break a seal on the gearbox of Felipe Massa's car, so that he …

19 Nov 2012   |  11:33 pm GMT  |  394 comments
McLaren light painting

F1 fans will be familiar with the way that aerodynamicists explore air flow lines over a car, working with wind tunnels but also at circuits with flo-viz paint, to see how the air passes over …

09 Nov 2012   |  11:17 am GMT  |  27 comments

There will be disappointment at Ferrari this morning on two levels; first that they were unable to take any more advantage of Sebastian Vettel's grid penalty in Abu Dhabi than a mere three points. And …

05 Nov 2012   |  2:12 pm GMT  |  104 comments
F1 in Schools

A team of teenagers from Adelaide has won the 2012 F1 in Schools title, after three days of intense competition in Abu Dhabi. The team of five 16 and 17 year olds from Brighton Secondary School, …

02 Nov 2012   |  10:51 am GMT  |  9 comments
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