Ricciardo engine failure

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has again reiterated that he expects the agreement between F1 teams to allow a fifth engine per driver to go through, but added that his drivers would need that …

23 Apr 2015   |  12:14 pm GMT  |  284 comments
Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 06.50.22

F1 technical bosses have come out against proposal to ban wind tunnels in F1 with Ferrari’s James Allison branding a total move to CFD-based development as “error-prone” and Williams’ Pat Symonds saying that recent comments …

11 Apr 2015   |  6:57 am GMT  |  83 comments
Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.28.27

After a superb return to form in 2014, finishing third in the championship, the expectation was that Williams’ had established a solid platform that would in 2015 enable it make the leap up to becoming …

10 Apr 2015   |  1:37 pm GMT  |  48 comments
Carmen Jorda

Carmen Jorda, the Lotus F1 team development driver, has backed the idea floated by Bernie Ecclestone recently to have a women's world championship, running as a support category at Grands Prix. Jorda, 26, is the latest …

07 Apr 2015   |  10:41 am GMT  |  479 comments
Hamilton, Rosberg

There was relief in many quarters when Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari won Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix, not least because so far this season there has not been much evidence that the second Mercedes driver, Nico …

01 Apr 2015   |  9:44 am GMT  |  373 comments
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