James Allison

The ultimate nightmare vision scenario for the smaller teams in F1 when the F1 Strategy Group was formed, effectively shutting them out of the regulatory process, was that it would ultimately lead to the five …

15 May 2015   |  3:41 pm GMT  |  109 comments
Horner, Mateschitz

It is an unusual way to do business, to baldly state that either a takeover deal is done with a manufacturer, who has thus far shown no interest in F1, or else your team will …

12 May 2015   |  12:35 pm GMT  |  214 comments

There is no getting away from the fact that Nico Rosberg has not done as good a job as Lewis Hamilton so far this season. Between this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix and the summer break, …

07 May 2015   |  4:19 pm GMT  |  137 comments
Sky TV F1

A significant step was announced today in the development of the way live TV pictures are distributed globally from F1 circuits with the news that F1 Management has appointed Tata Communications to carry the live …

05 May 2015   |  10:52 am GMT  |  125 comments
Start Spain

The Spanish Grand Prix, as the first European round of the world championship, is always a time of significant developments up and down the field, which can change the pecking order in places. So what …

04 May 2015   |  3:47 pm GMT  |  91 comments
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