Vettel, Hamilton

Mercedes heads into this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix with a strangle hold on both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships and looking for their 19th consecutive pole position. This race in 2014 was the only one …

17 Jun 2015   |  3:38 pm GMT  |  303 comments
F1 racing cars

We heard this week that McLaren has had some challenges getting its new short nose configuration through crash testing, but what is behind this fashion for the short nose on F1 cars this season? And …

12 Jun 2015   |  5:22 pm GMT  |  204 comments
Wolff, Horner

One manufacturer is flying and preparing a super motor for the late summer, while another is sweating on whether it can get close enough on development before the start of next season to make it …

09 Jun 2015   |  2:28 pm GMT  |  192 comments
Sauber, Force India

There has been a lot of talking this weekend about customer cars, moving on from the most recent F1 Strategy Group meeting. This weekend the top teams, who would be the suppliers in this scenario, …

07 Jun 2015   |  3:37 pm GMT  |  56 comments
Felipe Massa

This is quite an interesting video, with Felipe Massa taking you inside the Williams factory and explaining how big a part the F1 simulator plays in setting up a race car. There are some particularly …

04 Jun 2015   |  7:07 pm GMT  |  13 comments
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