It was noticeable during TV coverage of last weekend's Singapore Grand Prix that F1 and Bernie Ecclestone had finally started to embrace social media, with FOM inviting fans on the main world TV feed to …

26 Sep 2014   |  3:50 pm GMT  |  106 comments
Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel

The Singapore Grand Prix this weekend is the 14th round of 19 and a few of the big name drivers are getting close to taking an penalty for exceeding their allocation of five power units …

18 Sep 2014   |  10:15 am GMT  |  105 comments
Singapore GP 2013

There has been a lot of interest in the FIA's directive last week last week banning team radio from pits to car in which performance information is passed on, with 501 comments on our post …

15 Sep 2014   |  5:13 pm GMT  |  327 comments
Formula E

A crash on the final corner of the final lap, which sent former BMW Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld rolling, tagged by Nicolas Prost the son of four times F1 world champion Alain - it was …

13 Sep 2014   |  6:32 pm GMT  |  260 comments
Pat Fry Ferrari

The FIA's latest tactical directive, to ban F1 teams from communicating information about the car's performance and "coaching" them in how to drive the cars, will come into force from next weekend's Singapore Grand Prix. The …

11 Sep 2014   |  4:54 pm GMT  |  516 comments
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